“The Funchies”

“The Funchies” is a family that lives in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans that consist of seven family members Ferguson Lucille Grandma¬† Flo the notorious and smart mouth grandmother, and their four Sons Fatty-Watty, Big Joe, Leroy, and Peetie Weedie. The family wins the lottery and moves into an uptown neighborhood and this is where the fun begins. The Funchies bring their Traditions humor and favorite flavor to the neighborhood. Grandma Flo is the main character and moving is a major cultural adjustment for her. The Funchies will experience a lot of different situations while living in the neighborhood, but Grandma Flo will handle it one way or her way.


Everybody wake up get up sit up The Funchies are coming on!!




Ferguson Funchies is a mild mannered, hard working father and husband. He is subject to constant jabs and insults from his mother-in-law who maintains that he is no good for her daughter. He plays the lottery every week with the anticipation of winning and purchasing a dream home for Lucille, and moving his family into another neighborhood.


Lucille is a mother of Leroy Fatty Watty, Big Joe and Peedie Weedie she is a very hard-working mom and wife that loves her husband, Ferguson and doesn’t approve of her mother’s constant insults about him.





Grandma Flo


Grandma Flo is a messy and all in your business type of grandmother she doesn’t get along with her son-in-law Ferguson constantly saying he will never amount to anything!. She is a church-going member of the Usher board on Sunday, but reeks Havoc at home during the week. She loves her grandsons and they admire and love their grandmother and often ask for her advice and problem-solving skills.



Leroy the oldest of the brothers and a very confrontational type Leroy. A person. He will not settle for the other person to use in a conversation he thinks his answer is always the best. Leroy and Ferdie always seem to be in conflict and involved in the conversations that are heated due to their different points of view on topics. Leroy is a senior at Riverside High School.

Fatty Watty

Fatty Watty AKA FW is a cool¬† person with a lot of Personality use the absolute coolest and smooth the sky there is he likes to joke around and the girls at school enjoy being around him because of his Magnetic Personality. He is a leader in the way he dresses and gets most of the attention at Riverside High School. He’s also the class clown.

Big Joe

Big Joe is the tallest of all the brothers and doesn’t say much but it’s well known for his one-liners parentheses i.e “You’re not lying” and “Fa Real” he is a good listener, but not much of a talker. He is a sophomore at Riverside High School.

Peetie Weedie

Peetie Weedie is the smallest in stature of the brothers and a is known as a behind-the-scenes leader although he catches a lot of flack from the older members as they disregard most of the things he says due to his age, eventually they usually do see his logical and thought-provoking way of thinking. Peetie Weedie always seems to bring some calmness back to the battles Leroy and Ferdie get into all the time. He is smart, witty and a freshman at Riverside High School.





Felton is Ferguson’s brother, he moved back to New Orleans from Philadelphia, PA.


Ferdie is known as a computer geek and a junior at Riverside High School is a dirty type guy who tries to be cool. He lives in an upscale neighborhood obviously spoiled by his parents. He enjoys his computer, rap music and keeps up with current news and social issues, which usually become the great debate between hey and Leroy


Real Hair Rene is a sassy in your face neighborhood child. She always says what’s on her mind, and has no inner filter.


Is a Palm Reader/Voodoo Priestess from Haiti People go to her house in Treme area of New Orleans for spiritual guidance and advice, Ferguson goes to her every day to get the winning Lottery Numbers. She tells Ferguson what numbers she sees in crystal ball.