mothermatilda mikebrownanimations
Mother Matilda is a voodoo Priestess from the Treme Area in New rleans. She practices her vodoo the French Quarter, she reads palms, crystal balls and casts spells on individuals.

Mother Matilda was the one who gave Fersguson the winning Lottery Numbers. After Ferguson won the lottery he moved his family to St Charles Ave. Mother Matilda moved with the Funches. Upon discovering their new neighbor was a voodoo priestess the residents of St Charles Ave were not pleased because they  knew it would bring too much foot traffic to their neighborhood.

Mother Matilda said…”I hope these uptowners are ready for a voodoo woman like me because I speak my mind. Do not fuck with me because I’m not the one Also please do not ask me all those stupid ass questions that you already have the answers to. If you are not trying to give me any money for my services just kiss my ass and keep it moving.”