My name is Michael J Brown and I am the creator of the cartoon called “The Funchies”. Today I stumbled upon this picture and I thought I should share my story with my followers. My story started about 14 years ago. When I was going through my divorce. I was homeless and life was really tough for me during that period of time in my life. I decided in order to make a living I would sell praline pecans and bottled water at the corner of S Carrollton and S Claiborne to the tourists at the streetcar line. The money I would generate would pay for my dream.. “The Funchies” a 3d cartoon I’ve been promoting everyday I push myself to do something to get me closer to my goal and achieving all the success that comes with hard work. My mother would always tell me… “You start and stop projects and never complete them. But this time i have to prove her wrong because I will finish this one. .